Seeing is easy, but recognizing is difficult.

To have a vision, to fulfil a dream- a nice feeling!
To find one's own way, remain true to oneself - not easy at all!
The representation of time and painted light - a real challenge!
To find the right form of presentation - almost impossible!

I could take a hundred photos of my babies trying to capture the light, that comes from them and anyway each photo would look different. Photos or a web presentation can never reflect the reality
- but what is reality?

For some people it is crazy, sick, dippy
and for others it is art.
- Is it art?

I do not have to answer this!

If you took some time for thinking about the world we live in and how we interact with the people and the world, I would be grateful.

May be you will think about it, perhaps you will not find my objects attractive and turn away, then it ought to be like this.

In life everything has a reason.