I have commited myself to art because of various reasons, to mention all of them would be too much. Only, I wanted to create something, people have to reflect about, something that remains.

Certainly, there are a lot of names for this kind of work I do such as "artist of cutting, visualization, glass" but I prefer the term "painter".

I paint with light and time.

For everybody art means something different!

Everybody has to find his own answer on the statement
"what will I see, what will I realize".

Generally this kind of art is not for everybody. The objects I am creating are especially for those people, who want to realize the signs. Or for those people, who believe, that they have realized the signs of time. If you want to relish my art, there will be some conditions necessary. You have to be able to engage in these objects and be prepared to change your perspective.

If you stand directly in front of my objects, you will probably not realize a lot, that is intended.

There should be access to the "figures" from all sides in order to unfold their whole effect. The position is of decisive importance.

My objects look totally different from all directions and at any time of the day. Because of the natural incidence of the sunlight painting has different effects in the daytime or at night.

My paintings alter with the light shining on them. They gleam and beam out of themselves.